Impressed by OBERIUOBERIU, we created an inimitable action in which we reflected the character of avant-garde literatureavant-garde literature in the plastic or its absenceplastic or its absence in the bodies of our theater adepts.

In the main public comprehensible part of the action, we are mute, in closed areas we begin to talk. Ours is to interact with the spectator, ours is to evoke a trance state of each visitor.

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We have been doing spectacles since 2008.since 2008. During this time, we progressed in different troupes, separately, but united in 2020,united in 2020, having held three successful show-booths in cooperation with gymnasts, a church choir and a female group of drummers.

For each event, we invite additional teamsadditional teams that surprise our spectators, listeners and participants.

We work in conjunction with various musicianswith various musicians - live and electronic, our theater is inseparable from the music that is played in real real time.

We organize mostly nightnight events, but we go beyond that and put on daytimedaytime musicals and eveningand evening performances.

The mystery of our theater is focused on the dramatic message and the discussion of social standards within this message, playing with concepts, symbols and cliches.

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